GTBIT Finishing School was established in February 2012 with an aim of holistic overall development of students.

Members GFS


Holistic development is the cornerstone of personal , academic and career success. We envisage having a positive and enhancing influence on every student , faculty and staff member during their course of stay and experience at GTBIT.


- To help students achieve personal and professional effectiveness. - To enable them to participate fully in campus life and intelligently prepare for life in and outside GTBIT. - To enable students to acquire requisite employability skills.


- Guneet Kaur - Manpreet Singh Mudhar - Nakul Goswami - Manmohan Singh - Pawandeep Singh - Sagar Wadhwa - Iknoor Singh - Shivam Mehta

Events organised :

- Miscellaneous Masti organised during GATES 2K12.
- Summer School 2012.
- Various seminars in college (Interact with Intellect and Time v/s Exams ).


Under the guidance of:

- Dr.Babita G. Kataria ( Director, CDMC)
- Mrs.Seema Singh ( AP)