GTBIT's Annual Techno-cultural Event for creative Souls

"Creativity, Endurance, Intelligence, Wits, Inquisitiveness, Managerial, literary and technical Skills, Hark Work ..... GATES is the litmus test of all."

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GATES is the annual techno-cultural fest of GTBIT. Its an opportunity for the GTBIT community to showcase the rich culture of GTBITians; a venture to initiate, build and maintain acquaintances in the academic and industrial arena.

GATES is organized in the month of March and has been achieved new landmarks every year from its inception in 2004. Each year 1000s of students from various colleges of north India gather at GTBIT and challenge their wits to compete in various Technical, Managerial and Literary Events. The Cultural events at GATES provides a platform for the students to showcase their talents. In 2007, sports events were also incorporated in GATES and were a huge success.