Food, definitely, is the priority when one goes to the canteen. Meeting friends, completing notes, exchanging news (read as gossip) and not to forget dating, are on the list too. The most creative minds are at work here, be it the drummer who practices with spoons and plates or an amateur poet who scribbles on the canteen tissues. This has to be the busiest corner on the campus.

The cafeteria not only provides the best quality nutritious food to invigorate the students but also a vivid ambiance which helps in the development of their interpersonal skills. The food served is prepared in highly hygienic conditions and is made available at very low and reasonabe prices. The cafeteria has a capcity to hold more than 100 students at a time and is also provided with a suitable seating arrangement.
Even if you are broke or a bookworm, the charm of the canteen will still capture you! "A coffee in the canteen is a break from the monotonous lecturers, it is the final destination for a tired and bored student