The Computing Facilities

comprise of 8 state of the art labs : Programming labs, Operating Systems lab, Internet & Networking labs, Electronics Computer Aided Design lab and the Multimedia lab. The labs are equipped with 550 machines of latest configuration. The recent developments include installation of two hundred new P-IV computers in the labs. All the labs are internally networked and inter-connected to each other to form a LAN. The centre has twelve 6 KVA UPS (72 KVA) to provide reliability in case of power failure.

Programming Labs:

Programming Lab

The college boasts of the posession of two programming labs (in one of the labs Wi-Fi is enabled). These labs meet the basic requirements of the 1st & 2nd year students of all the three streams. Programming skills in languages such as C, C++, Java, Data Structures, AutoCad & ComputermGraphics are imparted to the students. Students are also made familiar with the basic application tools such as MS-Office, PhotoShop, DOS, etc.

Operating Systems Lab:

Operating System Lab

This lab is devoted to the study of various operating systems such as windows 8.1 64 Bit,Unix & Linux. Students are taught how to be well -versed with the programming techniques using these O.S. Practical classes of subjects like compiler design, software engineering & artificial intelligence are also conducted in this lab .

Internet & Networking Labs:

Internet Lab

These labs have been developed in collaboration with CISCO & are equipped with one 5100 series IBM server, a 220 x-series server, 45 nodes, 3 routers, three 8 ports switches and two 24 ports hubs.The labs are devoted to router and other network based programming techniques. They also have a LAN Trainer Kit to simulate the implementation of networks. These labs also serve the purpose of enabling students to obtain CISCO certification. These labs have a 50 mbps (CIR 1:1) RF Internet connection. Internet access facility is made available to the students so that they can explore the latest technologies available on the web and update their knowledge base.

Electronics Computer Aided Design Lab:

Programming Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest software available for Electronic Circuit Design. Licensed 5.2 version of Mentra Graphics (FPGA) advantage along with TINA PRO are a regular part of the curriculum for the third semester and upwards. Apart from this, ORCAD and Matlab 6.1 version is also available for various signal processing, PCB designing, fuzzy logic conrol, Neural Network etc.